Story behind the lyrics

APRIL 24, 2020

When I was a kid, my dad told me I could do anything I wanted when I grew up. He must have said it a lot because I actually believed him! He made me feel important and when I spoke he listened as if what I had to say mattered to him. This gave me a sense of immeasurable value. But somehow, somewhere this was lost.

As I got older my own doubts and insecurities tried to stamp out the giant faith that was inside of me. I was stuck. I was numb from disappointment. Are my songs really good enough? Should I just get a “real job” and quit trying to make music work? Who am I? I’ll never be what they want. I’ll never be pretty enough. I’ll never, I’ll never etc. etc. I rehearsed the negative self-talk in my mind and I felt wounded from the battle. What battle? The battle in my mind. I didn't want to give up but I wanted out of this fight.

Five years ago I wrote this song with brilliant writer/producer David Spencer with a greater understanding of the war we’re born into between good and evil. The dragon is the devil we face everyday that takes no prisoners but is out for blood. The lies, the trauma, injustice, abuse, addictions we struggle with are designed for our complete and utter failure. This song is an anthem to awaken the sleeping giant I know is inside of me. I am born to breakthrough and conquer. I am born to bring light in a world of darkness. I am born to destroy the evil works of the dragon. I am born to be a voice for the voiceless. I am born to carry the beautiful name of Jesus. I am filled with the almighty power of the Holy Spirit. I know who I am now. I AM a dragon slayer. Are you?

Dragon Slayer now available on all streaming platforms.